Construction of Bodorna HPP 2017-2019

About Project


Project: Construction of Bodorna HPP
Location: Georgia, Dusheti Municipality
Client: Georgian Water and Power LTD (GWP)
Timeline: 10.12.2017- 01.04.2019
Project features: Bodorna HPP is located in Dusheti Municipality, on existing water supply system, operated by GWP. The power plant includes the following facilities: The water intake integrated in dam body, HPP building, tailwater channel. Installed capacity of HPP is 2.5 MW, annual production 15 GWh.
Main quantities:
• Soil excavation                                                 176100 m3;
• Reinforcement                                                 209 t;
• Steel structures                                                74 t
• Formworks                                                        8740 m2;
• Concrete works                                                4610 m3;
• Drainage and dewatering                              5736 m/h;
• Gabions and Reno Mattress                          2090 m3.
• Internal roads of the HPP                               14000 m²