Rehabilitation of Pekini Street Communication Tunnel 2017

About Project


Project name:  Pekini st. tunnel rehabilitation works
Location: Georgia, Tbilisi, Pekini st.
Client: Georgian Water and Power LTD (GWP)
Timeline: June-Jule 2017
Project features:
Description of works:  The Tunnel is located in Tbilisi on Pekini st.  9 m. at the bottom from earth surface. Length 200m and Area 3.4  m2 .

Main quantities:
• Soil excavation——————————————————————————————————————-168 m3;
• Chamber walls and slab concrete reinforcement————————————————————60 m3;
• Erosion improvement (MAPEIGROUT 60)————————————————————————-110 m2;
• Tunnel arch, walls and bottom plaque clearance————————————————————-1730 m2;
• Lining repair with the XYPEX Concentrate———————————————————————————–125 m2;
• Tunnel bottom plaque clearance—————————————————————————————-180 m3;
• Joint grouting and filling with Wateproof expansion mixture (XYPEX Patch’n Plug)—–365 m2.
• Dewatering—————————————————————————————————————————180 m3/h