Rehabilitation of Zhinvali HPP Tailrace Tunnel 2018

About Project


Project name: Zhinvali HPP Tailrace Tunnel Rehabilitation
Location: Georgia, Dusheti Municipality
Client: Georgian Water and Power LTD (GWP)
Timeline: May-June 2018
Project features: Zhinvali HPP is located on the river Aragvi in Dusheti Municipality, it is part of Tbilisi water supply system, operated by GWP. The power plant includes the following facilities: Earthfill dam 110m, underground power house with 130 MW capacity, annual production 500 GWH. Design discharge 120 m3/s, head 170m, free flow tailrace tunnel with 8830 m length, 5.2 m diameter.
Main quantities:
• Erosion improvements by MAPEIGROUT        440 m²;
• Formworks                                                               155 m²;
• Reinforcement                                                         8 t;
• Concrete works                                                        210 m3
• Drilling for Grouting                                              100 m;
• Cement mix Grouting                                             40000 L;
• PUR injection                                                           2900 L;
• Treatment of cracks                                                220 m.
• Dewatering                                                               1345 m3/h