Rehabilitation of Vardnili HPP 2015-2017

About Project


Project: Vardnili HPP 1 Rehabilitation
Location: Georgia, Gali region
Client: Engurhesi LTD
Timeline: 2014 – 2017
Project description: Vardnili HPP 1 is located on the river Eristskali in Gali region. It is part of Enguri HPP Cascade and located downstream of Enguri HPP. The power plant includes the following structures: Earthfill Dam (height 63m), power intake, spillway with capacity 600 m3/s, spillway channel, bottom outlets and diversion tunnel (Diameter 6m, Length 100m), HPP building. Installed capacity of HPP is 220 MW, annual production 660 GWh. Design discharge 500 m3/s, head 73 m.
Main quantities:
• Soil excavation                                                                  115 m3,
• Rock excavation                                                                452 m3;
• Reinforcement works                                                       278 t;
• Formworks                                                                        5093 m2;
• Concrete works                                                                 2638 m3;
• Drainage and dewatering                                                2624 m/h;
• Drilling and anchoring                                                      5506 m;
• Scaffold Installation and dismantling                           5326 m2;
• Steel pipe installation (d=800 mm)                               383 m;
• Installation of a plastic pipe (d=137mm)                     1270 m;
• Cutting down forests                                                       1400 m2.