Construction of Medical Surgical Threads Enterprise 2019-2020

About Project


Project name: Construction of Medical Surgical Threads Enterprise
Client: Aptos LTD
Construction dates: 2019- 2020

Description of works:

Medical Surgical thread enterprise of Aptos TLD is located in Tbilisi, Orkhevi settlement.  The following works were performed within the project: construction of administrative –industrial building, check point, household building, external water supply and sewage network, power supply, vertical planning.

Quantities of basic works performed by Sakhydroenergomsheni Ltd are as follows:

  • Soil excavation – 32500m³;
  • Reinforcement – 175 t;
  • Formworks – 2925 m²;
  • Concrete works – 1805 m³;
  • Steel structures – 9200 kg;
  • Installation of sandwich panels – 1970 m²;
  • Arrangement of thermal insulation – 2150 m²;
  • Arrangement of waterproofing– 2720 m².