Rehabilitation Of Zhinvali HPP Tailrace Tunnel 2019-2020

About Project


Project name: Jinvali HPP Tailrace Tunnel Rehabilitation
Client: Georgian Water and Power LTD (GWP)
Construction dates: 2014 – 2020

Description of works:

Jinvali HPP is located on the river Aragvi in Dusheti region. It is part of Tbilisi water supply system operated by GWP. The power plant includes the following structures: Earthfill dam 110 m, underground power house with 130 MW capacity, annual production 500 GWh. Design discharge 120 m3/s, head 170 m, free flow tailrace tunnel with 8830 m length, 5.2 m diameter.

Different Phases of rehabilitation works were performed in different phases in 2014-2020. Scope of rehabilitation works include: geotechnical investigations, core sampling, laboratory testing, removal of damaged concrete, shotcrete lining, replacement of concrete lining, renewal of invert, filling of caverns, grouting of surrounding rock, lining erosion improvements by MAPEGROUT material, elimination of inflows by PUR (polyurethane resins).

Quantities of basic works performed by “Sakhydroenergomsheni” Ltd are as follows:

  • Reinforcement 15 t;
  • Concrete works (invert, crown, walls) – 635m³;
  • Erosion improvements by MAPEGROUT – 1940m²;
  • Drilling for Grouting – 2916m;
  • Cement mix Grouting – 1’130’800 lt;
  • PUR injection – 8180 lt;
  • Treatment of cracks – 1115m;
  • Dewatering – 1345 m/h.